at bc7, we have one goal: give volume to your voice.

You’ve got the vision. We’ve got the volume. Let’s turn it up to 11.








And we’re off!


Understanding where you’re headed is arguable more important than the tactics that can get you there. We’ll work with you to develop big picture goals and build a roadmap that gets you from A to Z.

see your audience

Understanding who your audience is helps us craft and hone your messaging to have the biggest impact. Seeing what they’re doing drives our decisions on how to beset reach them. Looking at them over time tells us whether it’s working.

assemble the tools

Whether it’s a new website, sales funnel development, SEO or paid search, position and competitive analysis, or branding build-out—we can build a winning game plan. By knowing who we’re talking to, identifying growth goals informs which tools we select and how we apply them.




100% organic.


People have questions. Can they see your answers?

A search engine optimization strategy puts your brand in front of people when they look for answers in a search engine. Our team will evaluate your brand, learn about the competitive landscape, and develop a results-oriented strategy that will raise brand awareness curate your online presence, and drive more targeted traffic to your brand.

Phase 1 | discovery

The first step is critical. In order to develop a winning SEO game plan, we have to understand where you are, who the other players are, and where you want to go.

phase 2 | consultation & execution

After presenting our findings, we’ll get input on what your priorities are and talk through a strategy.

phase 3 | analytics

Post-launch, we’ll track your new campaign, tweak and adjust levers to make sure we’re on a track for growth. Insights will be delivered to you to your team to track our progress and inform future campaign changes.




Let’s bring it all together.


Development is the fun part. The part everybody gets to get their hands dirty in, be creative with, and show off.


We got our start building sites for friends, then local businesses, and eventually multinational companies. From simple brochure sites, E-commerce and portfolio pages, we can build a site that showcases your business and serves as the focal point for your strategy: collects leads, engages readers, and inspires users. Mobile responsiveness is a plus.


Need something more nimble? Want a website add-on that can push notifications to users or simply be a streamlined and sophisticated mobile touchpoint? An App is an excellent way to do this.

we play nice

We stay on top of industry best practices and make sure that your project is build with them in mind. Mobile-friendliness, SEO-readiness, straightforward-updatability are just a few of the design practices we believe in.




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